LA Tech Host Football Camp for Area Youth!

Louisiana Tech Youth Football Camp covers three days being coached by the Louisiana Tech Football Staff! You'll meet Bulldog football players, play on the field at Joe Aillet Stadium, and compete in games and... Read More.

LA Tech’s Dog Days of Summer Tomorrow (060519)!

Each summer, over 2,000 students head to Louisiana Tech’s campus for Freshman Orientation. These three-day sessions help new students and their families feel welcome at their new “home” and help them plug into the... Read More.

The Artists’ Corner meets today!

The Artists' Corner is a social gathering of local student and professional artists who would simply like to connect with other artists in the community. It is an opportunity to share ideas, techniques, work... Read More.

The latest from the Bingham Homestead!

The eggs in the utility shed haven't hatched yet! I am excited to watch them hatch and grow! I have some flowers blooming at the back door. I'm not sure what they are. I... Read More.